The School of the Super Natural

A Dangerous Church


Love That Hell Can’t Stop

This book was not written in condemnation, or as a critical indictment against the Church or any segment of it. Quite the contrary! It has been composed out of a deep love and concern that the Church rise and fulfill her divine calling in the earth according to all that is revealed in the Word of God. It is a must-read for anyone longing for the next move of God in our world today! Both inspiring and heart convicting. A Dangerous Church is coming forth in the earth, and she is beautiful to her Groom but lethal to her enemy! Within these pages you will discover:

  • Your Biblical Identity

  • The true purpose of the Church

  • The mindset that prevails over every enemy

  • Your rightful inheritance and how to possess it

  • Other exciting insights from Scripture into the end of the ages


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